Closing Night: Wrenched


ML Lincoln | USA | 2013 | 94 min
California Premiere


Edward Abbey was the original eco-warrior. His anarchistic and riotous spirit shines through in filmmaker ML Lincoln’s documentary Wrenched. Told through interviews with his friends, archival footage and re-enactments, we see how in the 1970s he crafted a radical new blueprint for the environmental movement – “monkeywrenching”. The film then follows how direct action and civil disobedience grow in popularity with EarthFirst! in the ’80s. This is not a history lesson; his call to action is timeless and still influential today. If you saw Tim DeChristopher at the 2013 SFGFF, you’ll be interested to see him here, carrying the monkey wrench torch. The characters in this film are as passionate about their stance today as they were in their youth. Lincoln’s powerful documentary leaves you asking yourself, what am I willing to do to make a stand?

Discussion with: Ariana Garfinkel, archivist; David J. Cross, Earth First! photographer; Karen Pickett, activist; and other guest activists from the film.

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