March 12 only

Blanka – 12.10pm

Directed by Kohki Hasei

Cinema Asia / Italy, Japan, Philippines / 2015 / 75 mins / Tagalog with English subtitles / DCP / San Francisco Premiere

In this picaresque tale, hardened street kid Blanka forms character-building relationships by way of an unusual friendship with Peter, a blind, busker musician, an apprenticeship with Raul, a fellow hard-bitten street denizen; and a childlike bond with young Sebastian. A wistful exploration of the realities of slum life without being weighed down by melodrama.

Hardened street kid and orphan, Blanka, does her best to save enough money to ‘buy’ a mom. In the hopes of overcoming everyday struggles, she joins forces with a blind musician, discovers her singing talent, and realizes that money can’t buy love. Starring Young Philippine YouTube star, Cydel Gabutero, making her acting debut in this picaresque production.

— Cher Padua

Co-presented by: Asian Pacific Fund

Re:Orientations – 2.20pm

Directed by Richard Fung

Docs / Canada / 2016 / 68 mins / English / San Francisco Premiere

Filmmaker Richard Fung explores the evolution of LGBTQIA voices in his documentary, RE:ORIENTATIONS. The film is a follow-up to his 1984 documentary, ORIENTATIONS: LESBIAN AND GAY ASIANS, which was the first to feature perspectives of LGBTQIA Asians in North America and told the stories of 14 men and women living in Toronto. RE:ORIENTATIONS connects past and present by blending interviews from ORIENTATIONS with new footage with many of the first film’s subjects.

The extraordinary treasure in RE:ORIENTATIONS is the subjects’ reflections on their original footage and how they have grown through non-traditional trajectories and networks. Fung delicately explores their experiences with identity, feminism, racism, marriage equality, spirituality and the AIDS crisis while examining generational shifts and trends in community, politics, acceptance and visibility.

Fung injects new blood into the contemporary side of the film as well, bringing in perspectives of six younger LGBTQIA artists, activists and scholars. The result is a deliciously diverse potpourri of voices that merges fresh and enlightened perspectives on queer and trans Asians.

— Brian Ray

Expected Guest in Attendance: Richard Fung (Director/Writer)

Co-presented by: APIQWTC Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community, Consulate General of Canada, Frameline, Queer Cultural Center


92 mins

Family has a tendency to create immediacy in all of us in times of sadness, happiness and everything else in between. The bonds between relatives across all generations are both unique and universal in all cultures. This diversity is what ties us all together in IMMEDIATE FAMILY.

Co-presented by: Bay Area Women in Film & Media, Asian Pacific Fund


88 mins

Sometimes we find home is just where we are. More often, it lies just beyond reach. Despite living with the disorienting feeling of everything being slightly out of place, the subjects of DIS/SPACE/MENT remain determined to create their own space to occupy, with or without permission.

Co-presented by: Kearny Street Workshop, Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc.

Yellow – 9.40pm

Directed by Chris Chan Lee

Special Presentations / USA / 1998 / 90 mins / English

A normal evening turns into a wild and desperate scavenger hunt for eight high school friends in the coming of age dramedy, YELLOW. When the group rallies to help a friend who was robbed, the lines between adolescent and adult are blurred in this 1998 classic. Starring John Cho in his early career, the film celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Expected Guest in Attendance: Chris Chan Lee (Director/Writer/Producer)


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