March 11 only

Resistance at Tule Lake – 12.10pm

Directed by Konrad Aderer

Special Presentations / USA / 2017 / Documentary / 81 mins / English / San Francisco Premiere

A minority group is unjustly persecuted amidst racially-charged scapegoating by politicians. That’s the eerily relevant backdrop for RESISTANCE AT TULE LAKE, Konrad Aderer’s examination of the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans, which couldn’t come at a more important moment. Aderer, who documented the arrest and detainment of a Palestinian activist in ENEMY ALIEN (2011), focuses on Tule Lake, the notorious camp where Japanese Americans who were labeled “disloyal” were held. Aderer’s emotional, wrenching interviews with the “internees” -— some of whom were deported to Japan because of answers to “loyalty” questionnaires — make clear the consequences of race, wartime hysteria and political expediency. RESISTANCE AT TULE LAKE dispels the myth of a passive Japanese American population in the camps, while also showing the torture and other abuse those resisting their treatment faced. The wartime footage cuts to a contemporary Tule Lake pilgrimage by the descendants of internees, an effort, like the film, to not forget and urge others to defend those today who may suffer the same fate.

— Tomio Geron

Co-presented by: Fred T. Korematsu Institute, Human Rights Campaign, Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, Nichi Bei Foundation

Plastic China – 2.40pm

Directed by Jiu-liang Wang

Cinema Asia / China / 2016 / Documentary / 82 mins / Mandarin with English subtitles / San Francisco Premiere

The lives of workers processing infinite amounts of recycled materials are full of dreams and debris. PLASTIC CHINA documents a family as they tread poor living conditions, sorting through mountains of plastic for income. In spite of their struggles, the family hopes for a richer life, seen through the global waste that they comb through every day.

Co-presented by: San Francisco Green Film Fest


83 mins

Adrenaline-induced conditions lead to the unexpected and impossible in FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Whether it’s getting trapped in your own story, fighting against a future fate or becoming consumed by your demons, anxiety and urgency make a volatile mix with intensely satisfying results.

Co-presented by:  SF Documentary Festival, Zombie Popcorn

OUT/HERE – SHORTS – 7.30pm

85 mins

Breaking the barriers of tradition is not a walk in the park. The ups and downs of this shorts program will guide you through the experiences of diverse LGBTQ protagonists and their quests for acceptance in the face of uncertainty.

Co-presented by: API Equality Nor Cal, APIQWTC Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Communiity, Human Rights Campaign, Queer Cultural Center


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