Beyond Recognition


Michelle Steinberg | USA | 2014 | work-in-progress

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Beyond Recognition is a documentary work-in-progress from Bay Area filmmaker Michelle Steinberg. The film follows two Chochenyo Ohlone women struggling to protect their ancestors’ burial places, now engulfed by San Francisco’s sprawl. Aligned in their commitment, but opposed in their approaches, the two women’s contrasting stories reflect the challenges faced by non-federally recognized Native peoples around the nation amid a system that fractures communities. The film is being produced in partnership with PBS station KRCB and co-producers Morning Star Gali and Robyn Bykofsky. The film is presently in the production stage with tentative release scheduled for early 2015.

Discussion with: Michelle Steinberg, director/producer; Robyn Bykofsky, producer; Morning Star Gali, producer.


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