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Director: Amy Browne
Jeremy Kaplan
Tony Hale
Brian Wilson
Film Category: Documentary
Running Time: 93
Country: USA
Year of Release: 2013
Premier:  West Coast Premiere

The green burial movement combines the consecration and mourning of the dead with a desire to correct centuries of pollution and exploitation of the environment through the creation of non-toxic, natural burials that also conserve wilderness.

Drawing the viewer into an intimate but never macabre experience of death, A Will for the Woods centers on Clark Wang, a psychiatrist, classical musician and folk dancer who has been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma. Facing his own mortality, he opts for a “green” burial over what he believes are toxic, wasteful modern funeral arrangements engineered to preserve the body at the ecosystem’s expense. In this touching story of a charismatic, ebullient advocate’s final days, environmentalism takes on a deeply human intimacy as the film follows Clark’s efforts to leave a loving, permanent legacy for family, friends and nature.

Capturing the genesis of a revolutionary social and environmental movement, this film is an affecting and optimistic portrait of people coming to terms with mortality by embracing their connection to timeless natural cycles.
-Chris Metzler


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